Cognant is a division of MZ (Machine Zone) that creates, buys, optimizes, measures and reports media. Cognant was created internally because no technology existed to help runs holistic, sophisticated marketing campaigns for the mobile games Game of War- Fire Age and Mobile Strike. Two of the highest grossing mobile apps in history.  Cognant is now available for like-minded marketers who demand real performance and optimization of their dollar across over 400 networks including Google and Facebook, without fraud.
The first task was to take the original deliverable large slide deck  that we supplied to our clients which were specific data insights and movement their money for best profitability, and apply it to a portal that they could interface with.

The challenge was to create a framework that would scale not only in reporting but second phase to have a self service tool that the clients could use and move their money based off our analysis.
Below are sample screens of the beginnings of the portal and graphing of these insights.

Initial report in slide deck (20pages)

Cognant Site
Cognant Portal
Home page concepts
Graphing for clients progress
Mobile, Tablet UI
Styleguide / Pattern library
Black versions were made across the product.
Promo videos
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