A bit about me
• I am mobile/web design strong, UI/UX and visual.
• Manage, direct and full hands on experience.
• I have over 15 years experience creating end to end experiences on web/mobile/tv and other medias.
• I am up to date on all the latest apps and try out most all new technologies I can get my hands on. (Snapchat, Tinder, wearables) you name it, I'm on it.
• Good communication and problem solving skills come natural to me. My solutions are novel, interesting and intuitive.
• I adapt and fit into various team dynamics and processes. Usability and empathy for my target customer is essential. 😉


My approach
I believe creative direction and management has to have a strong capacity for critical thought along with delivering on strategy. Being able to connect the dots with my team members and make sure focus on the best experience for the user. My peers would find me very personable with a relaxed management style that keeps people focused and happy. I am fully hands on, and will continue to be throughout my career as I enjoy the craft.
Work history
2018-Present - 23andMe
Lead Mobile Designer
Worked with Android and IOS mobile teams to create and launch products on the 23andMe applications. Initiated redesign of Information architecture and visual components of IOS, Android and Ipad platforms. Designed and created interactions for Physical features, Notifications, Messaging and connections area. 

2015-17 - Verizon Mobile Innovation team
UX Manager/Designer
Concept and app development for various applications and projects. Focuses on millennials, and emerging technologies such as augmented reality, facial recognition applications, drones, and other businesses. Hands on while managing two designers working on various portions of the products. I am most proud of my growth in my ability to change directions fast on various concepts and create novel concepts and interfaces. 

2015- Jiff.com (startup)
Design lead mobile
Leading design for Jiff challenges mobile new templates team. Mobile health platform for users with wearables to track progress and decrease health care costs. Clients list include UBER,Qualcomm, RedBull and Johnson&Johnson.

2013-15 eBay
Senior UX designer
eBay -Customer connect team. Projects I lead are eBay profiles and My eBay. These involve collections, saved searches, interests, items for sale, guides and reviews. Major focus is on Buying and item Watching on all platforms, IOS, Android, Tablets, and core site designs.
Other projects include: Member to Member messaging, eBay Ad units, Collections dashboard,Mobile design of Profile and My eBay along with MWeb versions.

2009-13 NimbleCommerce (startup)
Creative director/Principle designer
NimbleCommerce - Lead creation of NimbleCommerce white label tool for group buying. This tool is in direct competition with Groupon and LivingSocial for merchants to use their own brand and create their own daily deals and couponing sites. Sole designer of flows and visuals for group buying, reporting, email campaigns, purchase flows,marketing, promotion widgets, affiliate programs, coupons, and merchant sales. Managed 2 designers and also directed outsourced firms at different points of our journey.

2007-09 Yahoo!
Senior UX designer
Yahoo! Member Center – Lead UI redesign and visual framework for all facets of Yahoo! Member’s settings experience. New login, account information and recovery designs with multiple touch points across the Yahoo! Social network. Supplemental registration included solutions for gathering information throughout user workflows on different products.
Yahoo! Social – Created Yahoo! Social invite flow that gives users the ability to use any email address and create separate aliases. Complex mapping structure considering Yahoo! ID’s, aliases, alternate emails and phone numbers. Various registration and account recovery flows.

1997-07 AOL Time Warner
UX Design manager/Principle designer
My AOL – Lead project on both UI and Visual side for all specifications for the My AOL start page. Conceptualized and designed all widgets such as AOL Weather, Calendar, Reminders and RSS feeds. Created first RSS image cloud feed based on person’s likes and dislikes. Patent. Designed all mobile environment workflows.
AOL Pictures – Lead project and launched the concept, design, and testing of the You’ve Got Pictures online product. Created and maintained over 300 pages of design requirement documentation and product wireframes. Managed a team of 3 senior designers for various parts of the project such as Shopping Cart checkout, Album sharing and creation.
AOL Calendar - Lead the creation and conception of the AOL 7.0,8.0,9.0 Calendar interface design.Developed various prototypes, mockups, flow maps and usability scenarios for audiences across AOL,Compuserve and Netscape businesses. Lead the UI and Visual Design for the Coca-Cola Teen Calendar, Sports Illustrated, Gateway, and Compuserve Calendars. Created the Warner bros children’s calendar and designed various versions of Calendar applications and widgets for My AOL and Time Warner web sites

1997 - When.com (startup)
Graphic designer
Designed the first online web calendar with designer Dave Menninger. The startup was aquired by America Online and integrated across properties. The beginning of the "dot com" era.

1996 - Adobe Systems
Framemaker software group as a support technician/team designer.

1996 - Graduated SJSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a minor Illustration

1994 - Customer support at Concentric network ISP battling for internet access superiority.

Born to a mother who is an oil painter  and a father who was a graphical printer. My hobbies include rock climbing, Crossfit, adventures excursions and various social meetups.

* Full resume details available upon request.

We as designers should all know effective design processes, the challenge is to influence teams to follow and adhere to quality user experiences. Thinking big with great problem solving solutions.- Rob

A few mentions from peers:
"Rob is a solid workhorse interaction designer. He can adapt to project needs, make difficult tradeoffs, handle very complex projects, handle design critics, all with a great attitude and sense of humor. I also appreciate Rob's ability and willingness to look at all aspects of a design problem, in visual design as well as in implemented code."
Greg Rosenberg - Director of UX , Google Cloud

"I had the pleasure of working with Rob for over a year on multiple different projects. Rob is a great designer/interaction designer who can emphasize with customers, deeply understand their needs, and come up with solutions –big or small – to remove friction and simplify the shopping experience."
Oren Hod - Product Lead, Facebook

"He is always focussed on the core customer problem that needs to be solved and comes up with elegant and practical design solutions. He is a fantastic collaborator and loads of fun to work with."
Vinay Yerramilli - Product Lead, Zulily 

"Rob  is one of the most diligent, friendly and brilliant designers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to any company that needs a highly motivated, enjoyable colleague."
Marc Perry - Design Director, Brigade
My passions when logged off
Avid rock climber : I enjoy indoor and outdoor climbing and various adventures.
Traveler: Love to travel. My most recent trip was to Cuba to see the cars and artwork.
Coin ring maker: I like to work with my hands, I make rings out of coins and various other metal art.
Car restoration: My current project is a 1964 Chevy Corvair Spyder. The only american car with an engine in the back.
Competitive archer: Compete in local and national tournaments.
Mountain Biker, animal lover and favorite snack is popcorn and M&M's.

Ethan (ebay), Rob (Verizon) Jayson (Apple)

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