Project: eBay SEO hashtags pages
#hashtags were born to connect things! Imagine how cool it would be if an eBay member could click on a #hashtag anywhere on eBay and see a page that has the best matching content across eBay (items, collections, answers, stories, profiles, etc) on one page! These pages drive SEO traffic on specific terms to eBay. Example: home decor.
My Role
Convey this concept and sell the idea with all the metrics for success. Early storyboarding presentations along with wireframes to final visuals were created along with presentations to other groups within the eBay ecosystem were the main priorities. In order to make the experience fluid, I needed to make sure that if a user came via SEO to an eBay landing page it would direct the user to items that they possibly would be interested in.
Put the main focal points on the products that eBay was offering and keep the page informative yet engaging. I used hashtags for secondary navigation to other areas, and integrated articles and reviews that would keep the users attention span intrigued. I also incorporated other groups data points like eBay members collections in the page so the user could find likeminded items and people that have similar interests.
Measured by engagement time and SEO statistics from google searches. We studied users through our eBay voices calls where we talked directly to our most loyal customers and got feedback that the pages were "delightful" and "full of information". 
Early storyboarding
Wireframing and concept visuals
Final design
What excited me the most
I was allowed a free canvas to have fun with layout and design as long as the visual style guide was followed. I chose to present various styles to team members and promoted designs that I thought felt integrated well into the eBay ecosystem. 
I believe the solution I came up with was visually pleasing and kept the user intrigued with the number of different areas I integrated from other eBay properties. (Ebay Talk, Membership, Search, Collections, Guides). Each one of these areas meant I had to work with various teams to pull in data and fit into this new design framework.

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